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Dear Vastu Guru Visitor,
First of all We are so thankful to you for showing belief in Vastu Shastra, The great ancient architecture science. We are continuously receiving your mails of appreciation and consult for Vastu. Here we have decided to give you vastu tips on our web site www.Vastu Guru.Com so that you can apply those tips in your home, Farm House, Factory or office and enjoy happy and healthy living.

I am not going to tell you vastu rules because you all would have so many vastu books to know this. Here I will share with you, your problems. Some people feel that they are facing financial problem even after getting a handsome income. Some says their income is totally blocked after coming in this home. Some have lost harmony, some are facing health trouble. We will move by picking the problems one by one, and Vastu tips for them.

Finencial trouble
Vastu For Financial trouble-

If someone is facing financial trouble, first of all learn to check geographic directions of your permisis. Put your magnetic or digital compass in center of your home and check out North direction. we have to know our North , NorthEast and SouthWest to trace the root cause. According to vastu norms, North direction should be defectless, neither it should be truncated nor extended , as extended north gives the impression of truncation of NorthEast. It can reduce your income sources.

If the floor levels of North, East or NorthEast are heigher than the rest floor, it can block your income, even if you have done the best effords.
Depression of floor levels, or any pit in SouthWest can drain your hard earned money so easily. your money will spend at those where you can not even imagine to spend . So get rid of this problem, apply upsaid vastu tips and enjoy your money and life.

• The youngers bedroom in the north paves way to success.
• Any bed room in the Northwest assures peace and prosperity at their best.
• Placement of head towards south improves health and growth of the residents.
• Trees in west & south contribute a lot for the name, fame and health and provide perfect protection.
vastu tips for your bed rooms
• A heath in the west, south or southwest of any place can drain your wealth and health.
• Any gardener never should be placed in the northeast.
• Stores in south and west gives you permanent seat for the richest.
vastu tips for welth and health
• Upstairs in northeast will ruin your lives to the least.
• Southern upstairs will enhance your wealth.
• Overhead tank in north will no doubt drive your wealth and give you mental tensions.
• Overhead tank in west provides health to the whole family.
vastu tips for home,helth,plot direction,mental tension
• Construction of eastern boundary wall will lead your pleasure and comfort to destruction.
• Almirah facing east placing in west is a permanent source of financial boost.
• High ground levels in east, north or northeast drains out the glory of the residents.
• Water flow in the east or north will glow the fortunes of the host.
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